Icône Elégance, Seguin Moreau
SEGUIN MOREAU believes certain wines merit solutions that enable them to fully reveal their potential while respecting their unique character and the original expression of the fruit.

ICÔNE Elégance is the first oak selection of the ICÔNE series. It is dedicated to high-end red wines.
Download the Elegance fact sheet (pdf)
Icône Low & High Aroma, Seguin Moreau
Icône Low & High Aroma, Seguin Moreau
The selection of oak called ICÔNE "Low Aroma" & "High Aroma" are intended for full-bodied, high end red wines, potentially aged in oak barrels.

ICÔNE High Aroma : The oak profile is respectful of the fruit and discretely provides olfactory complexity. It differs from the traditional American oak profile by its absence of strong smoky and coconut notes, in this sense is closer to French oak's wood profile.

ICÔNE Low Aroma : This barrel provides and ample and expressive oak profile with emphasized notes of hazelnut, coconut and vanilla. A wine that is sweeter, rounder and more concentrated on the palate. Through providing strength and power, this barrel remains well-balanced. Our techniques for mastering oak ageing and precise toasting range allows us to work within harmonious olfactory style.
Download the Low Aroma & High Aroma fact sheet (pdf)
Comment se déroule un programme ICÔNE ?
Other Œnological Potential
currently being studied

The SEGUIN MOREAU R&D team is currently testing other Œnological Potentials that will result in new models of oak barrels within the ICÔNE series.

Eaux-de-vies and high-end white wines are the 'matrix' on which we are currently focusing our efforts.

Icone Seguin Moreau, Les Potentiels Œnologiques à l'étude
Château Malartic-Lagravière  
How does an ICÔNE
programme occur?

Each ICÔNE programme occurs in several phases:
  • Phase I: Identification in the laboratory of the molecules involved in each Œnological Potential and creation of the appropriate mathematical model
  • Phase II: Comparative trials in experimental cellars
  • Phase III: Trials in multiple partner wineries in order to verify the reproducibility of the model.

Once these three phases have been completed successfully, the selection of the oak is certified by our Product Committee and the new barrel can be released as part of the ICÔNE series.

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